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Discover a new relationship with online dating in Canada

That’s why singles in Canada trust our matchmaking services:

Finding a match takes only a few clicks

Our algorithm brings you a list of singles in your area, and you are free to choose the ones you like. Simply indicate your preferences during your registration, and our intellectual service will pick out the best matches for you and sort them by proximity.

Safety and security are our priorities

Your profile, conversations, and pictures are protected by advanced SSL encryption, keeping your data safe from data extortionists. Want more security? You can make your profile visible only to verified users who passed all the checkboxes and proved they are the real people.

One of the fastest-growing dating sites in Canada

Tendermeets userbase grows each day, and we already have a few hundred thousand users from Canada alone. It ensures you can find a match everywhere, in a large metropolis or a rural northern area – extend your reach however you want.

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Only the best dating websites in Canada can provide you with service like this

Trying to meet singles in Canada but can’t find reliable dating websites? A simple search reveals a plethora of available sites. Still, most of them aren’t secure enough, don’t have enough people to provide successful matchmaking for everyone. Most of all, many of these dating sites have fake profiles and bots to increase their user base. Others have distinct ways to spam their users and steal their information and sell it to third-party applications. If you are looking for the best Canadian dating website, your search might continue for weeks. Luckily, we’ve brought exactly what you were looking for!

Tendermeets.com is a Canada dating website that allows users to match and meet with available singles looking for a serious relationship, perfect if you’re marriage-minded. Our aim was to add all the features to provide users with a unique brand of online dating experience that they might have never experienced before. The platform is spam-free, convenient to use both from your PC and a smartphone, and doesn’t work with any third-party services to sell and analyze your data. Just look for reviews from real individuals who are trying to meet their (hopefully) lifelong partners and from those who already secured their relationship with tender singles! Get your Tender Meets with our Canadian dating site to meet your single Canadian woman or a man!

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Here’s how to meet singles in Canada easily

Meeting singles in Canada through online dating can be harder than you think! Most matchmaking platforms, including apps and websites, scam their users by putting fake user profiles at prominent spots to lure members in and let the bot networks get their data. This also gives an illusion to the new members of being surrounded by requests from singles in their neighborhood. However, the reality is that this is merely a spam tactic that reels you in so that the website can try to lure you further into giving up sensitive information.

Fortunately, there is a safe and easy way to experience the best online dating in Canada. When you register at Tendermeets.com, you need to verify your account via email – so does every other user. Even more so – all pictures are verified by a site’s engine to eliminate the catfishing tactics from scammers seeking to deceive you with the picture of a beautiful member of opposite (or same) gender. After verification, finding a partner simplifies every day, as your profile page takes into account metrics like your preferences, your needs, and wants, as well as your “type.” These metrics allow your user persona to become an accurate representation of you. It then gets matched with other user profiles to find the most compatible partner for you. The website encourages you to start chatting and flirting with your potential date so that you can get to know them before going out!

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This Canadian dating website values your security

No matter what you want to explore - dating Canadian women or men, Tendermeets want you to do so in a safe environment. Membership is attained through an easy registration process, and then our site provides you with the best online dating experience in Canada. Even better is the platform’s commitment to making itself the most secure Canadian dating website. Tendermeets.com ensures a commendable level of user security by taking the necessary steps to safeguard member information.

User data security

Many dating websites collect data from their user base to create a personalized dating experience. Little known to the members, this data can just as easily be sold to third-party applications by these websites. In fact, for many dating websites in Canada, this is one of the most important passive revenue streams. However, online dating in Canada doesn’t have to be this insecure.

Tendermeets.com provides a safe environment that is protected from many notorious online hacks. The platform protects your sensitive information needed to create a personalized dating persona and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands. All the data collected from our members is protected from malware and spyware by high-tech encryption protocols and won’t appear anywhere on the Internet because we don’t sell it and don’t leak it. The website also has a strict no-third-party application policy that protects your data from being sold to apps and databases.

Anti-spam and Anti-bots policy

Tendermeets.com boasts a massive user base and a respectable number of daily online members on the platform. However, unlike many other dating websites in Canada, our policy demands that only real individuals who are seeking new partners to date can have access to the website.

This is ensured by a strict no-spam and no-bots policy enforced by the platform’s algorithms. All fake profiles and bots are carefully weeded out of the system by means of regular system checks to keep this online dating service secure for people. Unlike other dating sites in Canada, Tendermeets.com also doesn’t have spam measures in place to bombard users with irrelevant ad content. This no-spam policy allows for a seamless user experience.